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How Well Did Your Members of Congress Protect Children?

Once again, that's the question asked by the Children's Defense Fund Action Council® 2011 Nonpartisan Congressional Scorecard. We tracked votes that Senators and Representatives cast on important concerns affecting children and families in 2011, and each Member of Congress received a score based on how often his or her votes helped protect children.

2011 Nonpartisan Congressional Scorecard

Download the full report to see how your Members of Congress voted to protect children.

How Your State Delegation Scored

Preface (66 KB, .pdf)

How the CDF Action Council Compiles This Congressional Scorecard (48 KB, .pdf)

Best and Worst U.S. Senators for Children (33 KB, .pdf)

Best and Worst U.S. Representatives for Children (40 KB, .pdf)

U.S. Senators & U.S. Representatives with Failing Scores for Children (49 KB, .pdf)

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge (48 KB, .pdf)

Votes Used in the Scorecard (32 KB, .pdf)

Congressional Members' Scores by State Delegation and Vote Descriptions (180 KB, .pdf)

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