CDF Action Council Applauds 197 "Pro-Children" Members of 111th Congress

On November 4, 2008, Americans elected 197 "pro-children" Members of Congress (28 Senators and 169 House Members) who have either signed the CDF Action Council® Pledge to provide all children in American with health coverage, scored 100 percent on the CDF Action Council Nonpartisan Congressional Scorecard and/or were co-signers of the CDF-endorsed All Healthy Children Act.

This historic election has broken many barriers and we have many reasons to be optimistic for our children's and nation's future. We not only elected many child advocates in Congress, but also elected a new President whose campaign platform called for ensuring that every child in America has health coverage (.pdf). With more than 13 million children living in poverty and nearly nine million without health coverage we need every member of the 111th Congress and our next President, Barack Obama, to step forward and make improving the lives of all children a priority.