Contact Congress on Behalf of Children

Make Children Top Priority in Budget Battles


We need you now. These next three months are critical as Congress struggles with the deficit and the budget. We cannot allow the needs of children to be sacrificed to protect the richest and most powerful citizens and corporations. Powerful political forces continue to call for cuts in safety net programs for children at a time when one in five of them is poor and a majority of children in all income brackets cannot read or do math at grade level.

Tell Congress to get their priorities straight and to make children a target for priority investment not cuts!

Ensuring Quality Education for our Nation's Most Vulnerable Children

Ensure Quality Education For Our Nation's Most Vulnerable Children

For far too long, our nation’s most vulnerable children have been denied the chance for a quality education. Inequities in educational funding, resources and opportunities have placed poor and minority children in low-performing schools with inadequate facilities and ineffective teachers. We must demand that our leaders commit to ensuring quality education for all children.

As reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) nears, tell your Members of Congress to support the educational priorities crucial to our nation’s most vulnerable children.